The Portland Express

"All Aboard!" The latest chapter in Conley Stone McAnally's village archaeology saga takes him on a quest of discovery along the great American rails. Boarding in Portland, Maine and cutting across the USA to Portland, Oregon, Conley meets an unusual cast of characters and a series of bizarre situations. Join Conley along with a broken-hearted Navy seaman, a munchkin on his way to an Oz reunion, the world's best meat loaf chef and others as they encounter small town America, main street parades, Bigfoot hunters, and an escaped chimpanzee - all in all, what you'd expect from a train trip with the world's foremost village archaeologist. 
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Four From Fillmore

The latest from Conley Stone McAnally is now available!

Meet Jimmy, Eugene, Mike and Sammy, lifelong friends. Follow them from their halcyon days at Millard Fillmore High School through college and beyond. Though they go separate ways, a bond holds these men together through life’s ups and downs. In the end, they find that no matter where life takes you, you can always go home. Bittersweet, nostalgic, and often humorous, Conley Stone McAnally’s latest takes us on a journey through four American lives.

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The McShanes: Reluctant Warriors

Here's the latest from Conley Stone McAnally:

A chance kidnapping in Ireland sends young Hugh McShane to America, where he founds a family with a proud - if sometimes reluctant - military tradition. Follow generation after generation of McShanes, from before the American Revolution to beyond Desert Storm. Drawing on his own exploits and those of his family, humorist Conley McAnally tells the story of the American Soldier in a fresh, heartfelt, and personal way.

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