ISBN 978-0692451700, 5"x8", black and white interior, color cover, 292 pages, paperbound. $8.99 US

Thrilling old-school adventure from J. Meade Falkner! England, 1757...Moonfleet. A village with a secret. An orphan lad with a dream. A band of wily smugglers. A legend of lost treasure. When young John Trenchard discovers a long-lost crypt, he finds cryptic Bible verses inserted into an old locket. This chance discovery leads to a quest for a legendary jewel, swashbuckling action, and an experience that will change John's life forever. This classic of adventure fiction has long been in the public domain and is available for free in many ebook editions. This print version is for those who enjoy the feel of a physical book in their hands, and who love a rip-roaring adventure in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson and Talbot Mundy. Order it right here, or search for it on Amazon.